Tuesday, January 18

“Bitcoin Jesus” mining pool is completely stopped

The “Bitcoin Jesus” mining pool, Roger Ver, has been idle for a few months, according to a user who shared an image of the case.

Roger Ver is famous for being one of Bitcoin’s first public supporters when he fought for the adoption of the currency as a means of payment at various companies.

With his pro-Bitcoin actions, he ended up earning the nickname “Bitcoin Jesus”, but his effect on the market ended in 2017.

That year, Roger Ver went on to criticize Bitcoin (BTC), claiming that the currency would not scale well in transactions. Thus, he went on to fiercely defend Bitcoin Cash (BCH), the currency that was one of the biggest attacks on the digital currency philosophy in recent years.

After the “War of the Blocks”, Ver changed community and began to fight for the adoption of the BCH as a currency. Even though this one hasn’t even come close to achieving its goal of replacing real Bitcoin, it’s still present in the community.

“Bitcoin Jesus” mining pool is stopped

Despite always being satisfied with the change of community, Roger Ver always made it clear that he still owned Bitcoin. In other words, he was unable to fully get out of the coin that was once one of the biggest defenders.

Working in the Bitcoin Cash community, he even co-founded a mining pool. In this environment, miners gather their computational forces to seek rewards, divided according to rules defined by the pool administrator.

In the case of Bitcoin Jesus, its mining pool was Bitcoin.com (BCH community website), announced that it would be stopped from July 14, 2021, a date that may have been the end of the operation, according to a print shared by a user on the internet.

That’s because it’s been more than 230 days without mining a single block, showing that this pool is completely stopped.

It’s not clear whether Roger Ver got discouraged by Bitcoin Cash and stopped mining the currency, but the case certainly draws a lot of attention, as he was one of the main actors to switch sides in the Block War in 2017. In 2020, he arrived to decrease its mining power after Bitcoin Cash halving, according to CryptoBriefing.

It’s worth remembering that in 2020, Roger Ver argued with the Bitcoin Cash community, showing his opposition to a hard fork that was being planned. Also, in a blog Bitcoin.com press release was last a year ago, showing that there is a low level of discussion in the project.

This currency does not have many fundamentals in the market, with its adoption being low compared to the original Bitcoin.

In today’s cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin Cash costs just $450, ranking 25th in the market cap.