Tuesday, June 6

Bitcoin Miner Earns BRL 1.25 Million Using USB Devices

Although it is difficult for a block to be mined by a single miner, this is the third case in this first month of 2022 alone. block using USB devices for this.

As a comparison, while a Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro ASIC has a mining power of 110 TH/s, a USB device has only 390 GH/s. That is, 282 USBs would be needed to match the ASIC mentioned above.

In addition, the average number of blocks found by miners is three per year. So it is possible that this number will go up as three were already found in January alone.

Miner alone receives R$ 1.25 million using USB

The news that another miner had mined a solo block was already causing amazement in the community. With that, Dr. Con Kolivas, owner of the CK pool that houses solo miners, had to state that there’s nothing wrong with Bitcoin, it’s just statistics (and a little luck).

Speaking of luck, the miner this time was not using a common ASIC as in the other cases, but a hardware that looks like a pendrive, being connected by USB.

“And here are some images of your mini-farm that solved the block, and your cgminer working showing its best share of 35.5T”

USB device mining farm that solved the block by itself. Source: Twitter

In total there are 9 USB devices for mining, which at its maximum can reach a power of 390 GH/s. When added together, the 9 USBs achieve 3.5 TH/s, still far from the competitors.

However, the solo miner solved block number 720,175 and took home BRL 1.25 million (6,427 BTC). Good luck, after all, the estimate is that each USB of these earns 40 cents a day.

Miner was thrilled

Due to the minimal chances, the miner got a scare when he woke up this Monday (24) and found that his small USB mining farm managed to solve a block.

“CAR#LHO. I just woke up and saw that my mining farm using USB devices managed to solve a block. I only have 9 of these little devices running. FUCK. CK, thanks for running your pool. I need coffee!!!”

E-mail from the miner to the pool owner. Source: Twitter

Finally, the idea of ​​mining using USB devices is quite old, but it has never been very profitable since the hardware industry is very competitive, attracting even the giant Intel to the sector.

In July of last year, these USB devices went viral on TikTok. However, it shouldn’t be that profitable due to energy costs.