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“Bitcoin Pharaoh” publishes open letter saying it is suffering in prison

The “Pharaoh of Bitcoins”, Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, asked his defense team to publish this Wednesday (8) a letter that was supposedly written by him. In the content of the material, he says he is heartbroken after more than three months since customer payments were suspended to customers.

The company is singled out as a financial pyramid scheme and Glaidson is named as one of the top leaders, alongside his wife, Venezuelan fugitive Mirelis Zerpa. Together, he captured investments from clients throughout Brazil with the promise of a return of 10% per month.

To justify this high profitability, they told clients that they had teams of experienced traders in the market. Operating with headquarters in Cabo Frio, the company ended up being targeted by Brazilian authorities, who arrested the self-proclaimed “Pharaoh of Bitcoins” in his luxury residence in Rio de Janeiro, during Operation Kryptos.

Since August then, income for customers began to fall, with many of them asking in court for breach of contract and seizure of values ​​in accounts blocked by the court and that belong to the company. With suspicions of moving R$ 38 billion, GAS could be one of the largest pyramids ever created in Brazil with the image of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Pharaoh says in letter that people try to extort him in prison

In the letter supposedly written by Glaidson, after 100 days of his arrest, he tells his clients that he never imagined this situation before. In his statement, Bitcoin Pharaoh wrote that he would like to be paying customers.

Claiming to be in a prison environment of psychological torture, people who visited him even tried to carry out extortion and sell illusions so that he could be released.

It is worth remembering that this is not the first time that GAS Consultoria has tried to blame justice for the company’s withdrawal problems.

Furthermore, Glaidson also declared that cryptocurrencies are a promising market, which he has always believed in and defended. Despite this, he allegedly held custody of valuables for his clients, which is totally against the Bitcoin creator’s project, which eliminates middlemen.

Initial excerpt from the open letter of Glaidson dos Santos, the Pharaoh of Bitcoins leader of GAS Consultoria /Reprodução

“Wrongful by the system”

The “Pharaoh of Bitcoins” still tries to put himself as a hero to go down in history, like others who have been persecuted before. He recently even asked clients to call him “Bitcoin Moses,” in an attempt to create a religious and moving narrative for those who believed in him.

“History is there to prove that many men were persecuted and condemned precisely for bringing revolutionary, innovative ideas and, mainly, for confronting the system of their times, but that brought freedom to the people and a chance for a different life to all people. ”.

In Glaidson’s letter, the Pharaoh declares that he still trusts justice and his lawyers, saying that he never intended to flee, unlike his wife, who was never found again.

Citing in several passages being of black race, Glaidson even tried to say that he may be being targeted by justice because of his humble origins and ethnicity.

Finally, the Pharaoh declared that he hopes that there will be no shortage of food on the table of people who believed in him, those who believed that it was possible to make easy money in a totally volatile market and with a company not at all transparent about its operations.

The letter can be read in full in a video released by the company in its hair channel YouTube.

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