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“Bitcoin Playboy” is sentenced to prison and will have to pay a fine

Known as “Bitcoin Playboy”, a man was sentenced to prison by the Federal District justice and will also have to pay a fine. This is a relatively old case that occurred in Brazil, with the creation of a scheme that promised easy returns for investors.

With these promises, especially in 2019, Marlon Gonzalez Motta was accused of disappearing with customers’ money.

After receiving a lot of money, he went on to live and boast a life of luxury on social media, which further angered his investors. Some of them even threatened to kill him and he went into hiding to avoid the worst.

This coup affected people who believed in the false promises in Brasília and was even covered by Domingo Espetacular, where he was described as a “precocious genius of embezzlement”.

His company, M3 Private, claimed that its successful operations were carried out by trading robots, which guaranteed the high returns promised. A partner of his even forged his own kidnapping, but all this confusion ended up being the subject of several investigations by the Civil Police of the Federal District, even though he claimed to be innocent.

“Bitcoin Playboy” is sentenced to prison and fine in DF

According to the Federal District Court of Justice (TJDF), the “Bitcoin Playboy” was sentenced in recent days to serve 1 year and 2 months in prison. The conviction was due to the crimes of embezzlement against three investors who took him to justice.

These three victims sent him R$120,000 with the confidence that he was a successful investor in the market. He appeared to be trustworthy, owner of a company and partner of two other financial institutions, but he never returned the amounts sent by them to investors.

In court, his defense claimed that he traded securities on the stock exchange and with cryptocurrencies, but as this is a variable income market, “it was a high-risk investment and that the accused cannot assume the responsibility of compensating the investors for the losses“.

However, the judge did not agree with the defense’s point of view, as the evidence points to a scheme to obtain an unlawful advantage for himself, which is a clear practice of embezzlement.

“The Defendant’s clear intention to obtain an illicit advantage is observed, pretending that it was an investment, and at first he pretended that it was working and, soon after, he sought to leave the presence of the victims and kept the money he had received. of the same, which denotes, without further ado, the Defendant’s intention to deceive the offended and succeed in the criminal practice. These are consummate frauds.”

“Nothing can lessen his guilt, it is imputable”

The judge who handled the case at the TJDF also pointed out that his guilt in the case was clear, and that he was attributable.

In this way, the “Bitcoin Playboy”, as Marlon Gonzalez Motta is known among investors, was sentenced to prison and payment of R$ 120 thousand to the three victims. He will also have to pay a fine on this, but he will respond in freedom and his case is still up for appeal in the defense.

Bitcoin Playboy boasting on social media /Play

In any case, his sentence restricting freedom was replaced by two others restricting rights, which will be evaluated and defined by the Criminal Execution Court.