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Bitcoin Red Pill Book – The Moral, Material and Technological Rebirth

The purpose of the book is to present the reader with a reflection on a complex and unexciting scenario: financial, cultural and political totalitarianism; and an individual solution: Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Red Pill was written by Renato Amoeda and Alan Schramm; addressed to people willing to be free through obtaining sources and concepts for the viability of personal and intellectual liberation. “The rabbit hole awaits you!”

Or preface (We will only survive because of Bitcoin) was written by the great Guilherme Bandeira.

As explained well in the book — The work was written to save the authors’ time, who have to repeatedly explain the falsehood of the various myths about Bitcoin and the various untruths promoted by the fiat legacy system.

This work is a kind of “public backup” of our previous learning and knowledge, having Bitcoin as the gravitational center that makes all these interactions converge and are transmitted to all those who wish to be part of this new paradigm.

The eternal and famous phrase said by one of the great exponents of the Austrian school once said:

“Ideas and only ideas can lighten the darkness.” – Ludwig von Mises

The book has several recommendations and references citing some bitcoiners who stand out in the community bringing excellent quality content and entrepreneurs building with Bitcoin; lessons we have accumulated in these several years showing by A + B “what not to do” and how to proceed so as not to fall into traps, presenting a series of step-by-step instructions on how to interact with the Internet of money; and a vast arsenal of links posted as footnotes containing indications of books, articles, videos, etc.

One of the maxims of the community is “don’t trust, verify” – don’t trust, check.

The book’s central inspirations are to bring several points of libertarian thought, moral, social, economic and technological issues, demonstrating how Bitcoin is closely linked to all of this.

Amid the abuses of governments (seignorage, bail outs, quantitative relief, fiat currencies, Social States and their exponential deficits) to the obsolescence of past solutions (such as the gold standard), due to negative interest and financial totalitarianism with the ” war on money”; were the main motivations for the emergence of Bitcoin.

The mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto managed to piece together the puzzle, after several failed attempts since the advent of computing, managed to create a purely digital money immune to censorship, seigniorage, capital controls, jurisdictions, expropriation and bureaucratic embarrassment.

Bitcoin was forged to be immutable, scarce, portable, pseudo-anonymous, open (open source), distributed and decentralized.

Bitcoin is the greatest invention since electricity, although many people are not ready to understand its implications. Just as religion was separated from the state, Bitcoin can separate government from the control of money.

Bad money perverts the entire social fabric from moral foundations to architecture, there is no area of ​​our lives that it does not contaminate. Bitcoin fixes all that!

All fiat coins (without backing) that existed in history turned to dust; the process of dilution took place at all times (ancient Greece, Rome and even in the III Reich); this is the most concrete evidence of a civilization’s decline, when its currency begins to collapse.

Bitcoin is not just a digital currency that contains many technological benefits and a worldwide infrastructure, but it is the first non-violent means of maintaining private property.

Bureaucrats hate private property unless it is in the hands of a small political elite. Bitcoin is the ultimate weapon to protect your private property.

If you only do one thing today to help fight statism, buy Bitcoin. Buy as if your life depended on it! The future doesn’t come at the same time for everyone…

Bitcoin corrects the loss of hope, which will result in less abuse…

The Moral, Material and Technological Rebirth.

The time has come to define your family’s future: will you leave it in the hands of politicians or yours? Do politicians want their children to be independent, rich and smart or dumb, poor and submissive? Is that you? What do you prefer?

Even today, generations that do not pay with sweat and oil have paid with blood and tears. If Bitcoin continues to attract brains and wealth for another 10 years, we will experience a technological revolution equivalent to industrial or the Renaissance after the Black Death. That’s why Satoshi Nakamoto is John Galt. The book is an invitation to build that future.

The book is now in its 2nd Edition and can be purchased through the following sales channels:

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Kindle version on site on Amazon


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