Monday, August 15

Bitcoin Road to 90k – How to Invest in BTC

The first American Bitcoin ETF, ProShares Bitcoin Strategy (ticker: BITO), is a milestone for the entire cryptocurrency industry, not only because it suggests approval of cryptocurrency trading by the US SEC, but also because it shows us how the ways of investing in cryptocurrencies have evolved by leaps and bounds. Just look back ten years, so many people still have to buy and sell Bitcoin in brick shops. Now everything is done with a smartphone.

The launch of not one, but three Bitcoin ETFs is expected to inject a new wave of hot money into the market, thus pushing the price of BTC to new highs. Although Bitcoin has undergone small corrections over the weekend, its bullish momentum has prevailed, and Michaël van de Poppe predicts that Bitcoin «it’s on its way to 90 thousand».

In a recent talk, hedge fund investor Anthony Scaramucci said that “Anyone who does their homework… ends up investing in it. Look at Ray Dalio, a skeptic of Bitcoin, now he is an investor in Bitcoin. If you too want to invest in BTC, this article can help you explore what options you have.

1. ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF

The ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF is an exchange-traded fund that tracks Bitcoin futures, not spot BTC. Investors do not need to open their accounts on cryptocurrency exchanges to leverage the price of Bitcoin futures. This makes investing in BTC much easier. For example, investors don’t have to own a cryptocurrency wallet or worry about losing their bitcoins if they ever forget passwords. But since this ETF tracks futures, its price does not always move in parallel with that of Bitcoin. The ProShares commission is 0.95% per annum.

2. Futures trading

Futures trading allows traders to bet on cryptocurrency price trends and profit from price differences. Platforms often allow traders to leverage their deposits to increase their positions, so they can make much bigger profits if they bet in the right direction. Betting on the price movements of cryptocurrencies may seem easy, but traders are advised to practice as much as possible using trading simulators and learn to analyze the market.

Although futures trading carries higher risks than gambling, the profit potential is much higher. As an example, if you open a purchase contract worth 1 BTC (you invest 0.01 BTC with 100x leverage) when Bitcoin is trading at $ 60,000, and if it rises to $ 65,000, you would get 0.077 BTC.

3. Hodling Crypto

“Tenure” is one of the oldest and most popular ways to make a profit. While cryptocurrency trading activities are high-frequency, many crypto “believers” choose to buy and store them in their wallets for a year or even longer.

Maintaining them is easy and, more importantly, much less stressful, as you do not need to monitor the market every day or get nervous with each price swing. The sooner you buy Bitcoin, the more you can earn. Even if you bought Bitcoin just a year ago, now you could get a potential return of more than 400%.

Instead of just holding it, investors are now choosing to store their Bitcoin in an interest-bearing wallet to obtain it. The interest rates of the exchanges vary between 1% and 21% per year.

4. Affiliate program

The affiliate program, also known as a refer-a-friend partner plan, is the way to earn commissions from cryptocurrency trading platforms. All you have to do is get a follow link and spread it in your social circles that you have joined: your friends, Telegram groups, Twitter, etc. That would be more of a salesman’s job, you have to understand the products and design your marketing plan.

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