Sunday, February 5

Bitcoin scam on Tinder ends in suicide

Police in Spain are investigating the suicide of a man who fell for a Bitcoin scam on Tinder. Distraught over being cheated twice, losing money and being rejected by his wife, the 49-year-old victim took his own life on December 27.

This type of scam has already been reported by Interpol at the beginning of 2020, however, it is still claiming victims. The scheme started in dating apps, so the criminal gains the victim’s trust until he manages to steal it.

The sad case in Spain left a financial debt and a family torn apart by loss and helplessness. “No one in the family knew anything, they didn’t tell us anything and what we know is what we find out now”, said one person to the site THE VOICE OF ALMERIA.

Bitcoin hit not Tinder

According to people close to the case, the man was polite and intelligent, but he was going through a difficult period in his life. He had created accounts on various dating apps, one of which was Tinder, where he met an interesting young Asian woman.

According to preliminary investigations, the conversations began in August 2021, when there were gestures of complicity and signs of affection. The man was generous, sharing personal details and opening up about the possibility of a relationship.

‘She’ responded passionately.

As the virtual relationship progressed, the woman proposed an investment in Bitcoin. First a small investment. Then more, and more. The woman introduced the man to an alleged cryptocurrency expert. The conversations, always in English, ended in sending money through transfers.

The woman constantly reminded him of her love. “She showed a lot of interest and apparently cared about him”, said a relative of the deceased. WhatsApp conversations were full of affectionate emoticons.

Loss of BRL 227 thousand

In November 2021, the situation took a turn that would be fatal. The man had invested 24,000 euros which, according to the expert’s calculations, had generated profits of over 50,000 euros.

The man decided to request a withdrawal, that’s when the problems started.

As with such scams, the alleged expert asked for an additional 12,000 euros to cover withdrawal fees, with no resistance, the man agreed to pay.

He lost a total of 36 thousand euros, about 227 thousand reais.


The specialist and the woman disappeared without a trace, leaving the man penniless and emotionally shaken. According to the investigation, the man approached the police with a dossier of documents, conversations, photos and profile references.

He methodically tried to help with the investigation, but on December 27, disillusioned, he left a letter for his relatives and took his own life. The family now makes an alert so that other people do not go through the same.

“They look for a more sentimental part of the victim and empathize with them. And through this personal route they get to the economic part”.

After a first contact, with the criminal using someone else’s photos, the conversation goes to other applications, such as WhatsApp.

Then the victim is sent to an investment site, serving as a bait, where he can withdraw a small profit, in the next step the victim is convinced to invest a large amount and then the criminal disappears with his money.