Saturday, October 1

Bitcoin scores its fourth rise in 5 days and hits highs in almost 3 weeks

The cryptocurrency with the largest market capitalization climbs 5.8% to $ 51,132, after touching $ 51,515.6, its highest level since December 7. Meanwhile, Ethereum is up more than 4%, and exceeds $ 4,100.

This is the fourth rise of the BTC in the last 5 days, with which the correction suffered in recent weeks could have ended, say experts who They point out that you have to be bullish once Bitcoin breaks the barrier of $ 50,500.

Markets cryptocurrencies They were extremely volatile in 2021, with Bitcoin falling approximately 56% between April and June and then reaching its all-time high in November, then to go down again due to concerns about Ómicron, among other factors.

But nevertheless, 2021 was a historic year for cryptocurrencies, generally, “with the ‘blockchain’ space attracting a significant amount of capital thanks to the launch of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and increased awareness among investors“said analyst Naeem Aslam.