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Bitcoin suffers historic drop after freeze of Celsius Network | Digital Trends Spanish

A new historical fall suffered the Bitcoin this Monday, June 13, driven mainly by the freezing of withdrawals and transfers of one of the largest lenders in cryptocurrencies from the United States, Celsius Network.

Celsius’s move sparked a slump in cryptocurrencies, with its value falling below $1 trillion on Monday for the first time since January 2021, dragged down by a 12% drop in the largest bitcoin token.

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After Celsius’s announcement, bitcoin hit an 18-month low of $23,300. The No.2 ether token fell as much as 18% to $1,176, its lowest level since January 2021.

Crypto markets have slumped in recent weeks as rising interest rates and rising inflation prompted investors to dump riskier assets in financial markets.

This is also encouraged by the difficult financial situation that exists worldwide as a result of the monetary recession in various markets.

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