Tuesday, January 18

Bitcoin surpassed the $ 50,000 barrier and investors turn bullish

As to Ethereum, goes up almost 3%, and manages to break the resistance at $ 4,000, which was previously its support.

But nevertheless, 2021 was a historic year for cryptocurrencies, generally, “with the ‘blockchain’ space attracting a significant amount of capital thanks to the launch of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and increased awareness among investors“said analyst Naeem Aslam.

Still, “despite the volatility, it is important to note that inflows to the cryptocurrency sector have been very constant, and institutional investors have also are showing increased interest in spaceAslam added.

Cryptocurrency momentum in the wake of Monday’s turmoil related to the Turkish lira continued as Bitcoin and altcoins held up, and the focus is now on the new year and price levels above $ 50,000.

“The first advance has been in the price of Bitcoin. But we still have to overcome enough levels to affirm that we are bullish”MichaĆ«l van de Poppe told Cointelegraph.

Taking the $ 50,000 as psychological resistance, Other analysts turned to on-chain metrics for more evidence of Bitcoin’s underlying strength.

Among them was fund manager Dan Tapiero, who saw bullish signals on the Moving Average Convergence Indicator (MACD) in what has historically been a time to buy.

“The rallies begin when least expected / when tired bulls give up,” he remarked.

The MACD implies the relationship between two exponential moving averages of the BTC / USD pair, and a rebound from a downtrend has preceded price rises.


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