Sunday, August 14

Bitcoin ‘trader’ hamster died

A hamster named Mr. Goxx caught the world’s attention this year due to his ‘job’, he was a cryptocurrency trader. The sad news is that he passed away this Monday morning (22).

Mr. Goxx was an internet success after posting earnings bigger than Bitcoin as well as big traders. Second note, the hamster was well and showed no signs of illness, which ended up taking everyone by surprise.

Even with the recent slump of the entire cryptocurrency market these past two weeks, the hamster’s portfolio was still positive. His favorite coins were Stellar (XLM) and Ethereum (ETH).

Human partner announced loss of hamster friend

With a state-of-the-art office where his exercise wheel determined which currency would be traded, Mr. Goxx was then tasked with choosing whether to sell or buy the currency in question.

Despite this, those who followed Mr. Goxx through Twitch were worried about the hamster’s disappearance in last Monday’s live (22). The worst scenario was announced by his human partner this Wednesday (24) through Reddit, Mr. Goxx passed away.

According to the homage, although Max—Mr. Goxx’s original name—did not show any serious signs of illness, he stopped eating on Sunday, falling peacefully and eternally asleep on Monday morning.

“You will be missed and your memory will live forever on the blockchain.”

Mr. Goxx was a good trader

Mr. Goxx’s latest daily report shows that the hamster was a good trader, with an initial investment of $1,600 he made a 6.12% profit even with the recent drop. His net profit was $98, enough to help the little rodent’s expenses.

The hamster operated 16 cryptocurrencies and most of its orders were buy, 139, against 76 sell orders. Most of its portfolio was in Stellar (XLM), representing 37% of its capital.

Due to the unexpected death of Mr. Goxx, his human partner was shaken and indicated that he has no intention of continuing with the project.