Wednesday, December 8

Bitcoin Whales Prepare for Mega High, Understand

Since its inception, Bitcoin is a bet that reduces your risk with each new cycle. Without a doubt this was the most important year for him so far.

An famous phrase 2010’s Satoshi Nakamoto on how Bitcoin would survive after reducing its mining rewards has a lot to do with it.

“I’m sure that in 20 years there will be a very large transaction volume or no volume at all.”

Although Bitcoin was a risky investment until a few years ago, due to people’s possible lack of interest, governments around the world could create barriers, as China did this year.

Anyone who bought bitcoin when it was worth less than $1,000 could have used this phrase from Satoshi to predict its price. Either it would go to zero or it would have a big appreciation in the next decade.

2021, the most important year for Bitcoin

This is definitely the most important year for Bitcoin. The first BTC ETF has been approved on the exchange, the first country has adopted it as legal tender, and banks are looking to offer trading and custody solutions to their clients.

Other services, which are also Bitcoin’s rivals for being a payment system, couldn’t ignore it. PayPal has integrated BTC payments, Mastercard, in addition to having acquired a cryptocurrency tracking company, is also starting to work with cards that work with cryptos.

That said, Bitcoin is becoming an increasingly less risky investment. However, the downside is that its possible returns are also lower, although inflation in currencies like the dollar will continue to drive its price up, causing it to regularly hit new highs.

Even with so much adoption there are still many outsiders, most of them. Bitcoin will likely reach its peak through younger generations, who will learn about BTC in schools.

Bitcoin price is important for every industry

The entire cryptomarket, internal or external, walks in the shadow of bitcoin. As an example we have cryptocurrencies, tokenized projects, and many other companies such as exchanges that are linked to the BTC price.

Today the Coinbase exchange has a market capitalization of $92 billion, and this is heavily tied to the price of bitcoin. Coins such as Solana (SOL) and even Shiba Inu (SHIB), which have no purpose, are now worth 74 and 30 billion dollars, values ​​reached in about a year, while Bitcoin took more than 7 years to reach this one. landing.

Bitcoin was and always will be a thermometer in this market. Now, in addition to a few users, small exchanges and services, the interest in boosting it is even greater. We can already see, for example, some of these companies are already spending millions on marketing.

Finally, although its risks and returns are lower, Bitcoin has only one path, breaking new highs at each new period. And behind it will come more and more projects worth billions of dollars.