Thursday, January 27

Bitcoin will collapse, says author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”

The author of the best known book on personal finance, Robert Kiyosaki, said last Thursday night (09) that we are close to a major collapse in the economy, according to him, followed by a depression and commented on the big farce by governments regarding inflation.

“FED and Biden are pushing false inflation. A breakdown and depression is coming. Gold, silver, bitcoin and real estate will also collapse. Ready to buy more gold, silver, bitcoin and real estate after the collapse. It’s time to get richer after false inflationary failures. Be aware. Take care.”

Robert Kiyosaki

It’s not the first time Robert Kiyosaki has made this kind of “alert”, he’s been taking a lot of stances against governments lately, especially after the US presidency was occupied by Joe Biden.

With all this, Robert Kiyosaki has been advising since March 2020 for people to acquire bitcoin, as an investment and as a store of value, for him the only way to protect himself from the ravages of the government system is to buy ‘real money’, like gold, bitcoin and silver.

In fact, monetary stimulus and market manipulation by governments and central banks carried out for years, was becoming increasingly larger, on the verge of collapsing, certainly as happened in 2020, an event with a perfect trigger.

Uncontrolled money printing

Because of all the runaway money printing to try to “keep” the economy buoyed in the same year of the collapse, people today feel the consequences.

Inflation is at a high level in most countries in the world, especially in emerging countries, this phenomenon is a monetary expansion that has consequences in the loss of people’s purchasing power.

With the current macroeconomic scenario, the asset that stood out the most was bitcoin, as a viable option for protection against inflation and preservation of assets.

Finally, in the face of any reversal in the economy, it is important to be prepared to change our position to a more offensive way and take advantage of market offers in times of collapse.