Saturday, December 4

BitcoinTrade lists Kusama Coin (KSM), crypto from the Polkadot Canary Network

Less than a month after adding USDC to your portfolio, BitcoinTrade announces the listing of Kusama Coin (KSM). The currency that has been standing out among crypto enthusiasts is available to customers of the platform from the 18th, and will have a zero rate until December 3rd, at 23:59.

All platform customers will have the opportunity to take advantage of this launch.

Kusama (KSM) is a canary network of the blockchain Polkadot, whose DOT cryptocurrency was listed in September by the exchange. While Polkadot was first designed to favor scalability, Kusama, according to its creators, works like a “canary in a coal mine”, that is, Kusama was created to be this “safe” parachain for testing, precisely in the stimulus of innovation.

In addition to this functionality, Kusama is a project that can be used independently, with no connection to PolkaDot. This flexibility in using the network caught the attention of crypto enthusiasts precisely because it was an environment for developers to work freely with innovation.

“BitcoinTrade is redeeming its differential of offering our customers access for them to explore the crypto universe and all its possibilities. The year 2021 was important for this rescue, of always being in tune with market innovations.

The news will not stop there, our clients can wait for listings and other news that we are planning in order to make their experiences even more complete”, says Henrique Teixeira, country manager of the exchange.

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