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Bitget: Challenging the Odds of Cryptocurrencies in 2021

Key facts:
  • Bitget is one of the top five derivatives exchanges in the world in terms of volume.

  • The company acquired Bitkeep in March 2021, the most prominent decentralized wallet in Asia.

Singapore, Dec 27, 2021.- As the year draws to a close, we can look back and say that 2021 was a pivotal year for the cryptocurrency industry. Significant milestones were achieved, with Bitcoin hitting new all-time highs multiple times, the rise of NFT and DeFi seeing widespread adoption by central governments and traditional financial institutions. Cryptocurrency exchanges played a major role in the markets’ unprecedented growth in 2021, with players like Bitget leaving their mark on the ecosystem.

Bitget’s main achievements

Bitget’s digital asset business has grown around the world, making a significant contribution to the futures trading industry. This has put the derivatives exchange in the top five in the world in terms of futures trading. Its average daily futures trading volume is ten times that of the previous year, and its total annual revenue has exceeded $ 300 million. These results have made him a unicorn in the global digital financial market.

In addition, in March 2021, the company acquired Bitkeep, Asia’s leading decentralized wallet, becoming the world’s leading Cefi + Defi 360 trading platform that provides multi-dimensional asset protection to better serve users of the platform and opens a new traffic gateway for this exchange.

Earlier this month, Bitget went further by establishing its investment company, Foresight Ventures. Foresight Ventures has official partnerships with big-name blockchains like Avalanche and Arweave and extensive collaboration with global investment institutions like Republic Realm. Additionally, their portfolio includes several promising projects, such as Matrixport, RSS3, REALY, COLONY, EVERPAY, and DEFINA, to name a few.

Bitget has maintained its position as a compliant cryptocurrency exchange. To expand its global footprint, it has formed strategic partnerships with big names in the sport, such as becoming Juventus’ first sleeve partner, and PGL Stockholm 2021, a major e-sports event. It will come as no surprise to see more endorsement deals under Bitget in the coming quarters.

2022, year of expansion

Bitget’s ultimate goal is to provide a globally accessible and unmatched trading experience. According to official reports, Bitget will continue its expansion into the European, African and Latin American markets in 2022 with a user-centric approach. Leveraged on its power of innovation Bitget will launch valuable products and include viable projects.

Bitget has shown exceptional commitment and leadership in 2021 and its rapid growth is definitely something to watch in the industry. Just days into 2022, Bitget appears to be stronger than ever and we are eagerly awaiting what they have in store.


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