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Black Adam comes to MultiVersus along with the arcade mode | Digital Trends Spanish

After two months of waiting, DC’s Black Adam will finally join the fray in MultiVersus later this week. And in a shock to fans (literally and figuratively) he’s also bringing Arcade Mode into the game with him.

Warner Bros. Games and Player First Games released a teaser trailer on Twitter last night of a 1980s-style TV commercial showcasing an arcade machine MultiVersus and Black Adam appearing on screen in pixel form at the sound of thunder before lightning causes a blackout. As shown in the Season 1 banner, the Black Adam coming to the game is based on the comics, not the DCEU version played by Dwayne Johnson in the latest movie, Black Adam.

Extra, Extra: Unexplainable Lightning Surges Jolt Arcades Everywhere! Black Adam and Arcade Mode join #MultiVersus later this week!

— MultiVersus (@multiversus) October 24, 2022

Game director Tony Huynh confirmed that Arcade mode will be added to MultiVersus in a one word answer to a fan who asked if there will be an online co-op for the mode. The trailer didn’t go into much detail about the anti-hero’s moveset or preview any of his basic attacks like the other characters that came before him, but it was a clever way of confirming his appearance in the game.

Warner Bros. Games didn’t say exactly when Black Adam or Arcade Mode will arrive. MultiVersus. However, the earliest they are likely to be released in-game via an update is October 28.

Black Adam is the fifth DC superhero to join the roster of MultiVersus after Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and Harley Quinn, all of whom have been included in the game since it entered public beta in July. He also joins some of the latest characters from other franchises added to the game since the beginning of Season 1, including Rick, Morty, and Stripes from gremlins.

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