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Black fly alert after the heat wave in Madrid, Aragon, Valencia and Catalonia

Nothing to do with a mosquito bite. “The black fly is a bite in the shape of a saw that leaves a bleeding and extremely painful cut that can become infected,” they point out from the National Association of Environmental Health Companies (ANECPLA), employers of the sector of companies that fight pests of all kinds of insects.

Five reasons to fear the black fly if you live in Madrid or Zaragoza

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Year after year, this organization has been increasing its alert about the greater urban incidence of this small fly of only 6 mm, but with a very painful bite. It is not a foreign species but a native one, but until recent years they only knew about it in rural areas.

Now, climate change, which encourages their reproductive cycle and the greater cleaning and conservation of the riverside vegetation as they pass through cities such as Madrid, Tortosa, Zaragoza or Valladolid, favors its growth and the consequent attack on humans. The residents of the Madrid district of Villaverde they have checked it this summer.

A habitat favored by heat

The black fly, as explained in previous articles, grows in circulating and well-clean and oxygenated waters, unlike mosquitoes, especially in the riverside vegetation of the margins. That is why the current ecological care of the banks of the Ebro, the Manzanares, the Duero, etc., favors their installation in urban sections.

If it does, the absence of natural predators is added, due to the bats recoil in cities, and the increasing number of heat waves in the summers that increase the number of viable eggs and accelerate the reproductive cycle, the perfect cocktail is obtained for this new pest.

“High temperatures are one of the main factors for a peak in the volume of the black fly population to occur,” he explains. the general director of ANECPLA, Jorge Galván.

“Its life cycle, which can be completed from a few days to several months, can be reduced by half when it is very hot, as happened last week, thus producing a demographic boom and, consequently, an increase in bites,” he adds. the manager.

Tips to avoid being bitten

Unlike other flying insects, the black fly acts during the day and is able to get under clothing and reach the skin to achieve its purpose.

Some of the tips released from ANECPLA to avoid being a victim of this insect this summer are the following:

  • Dress in light clothing, without too flashy colors that can attract swarms.
  • Avoid walking along the course of the rivers or areas close to them, especially in the late afternoon.
  • Install mosquito nets on doors and windows in risk areas.
  • Avoid accumulation of water outside the house and keep the water tanks covered.
  • Check the drains.
  • Use certified repellants (especially those that contain citronella).
  • Contact professionals.

Experts predict that the virulence of this insect will continue to expand year after year throughout the Spanish geography, while climate change continues to soften winters and overheat summers. However, as Galván acknowledges, “prevention efforts are especially important when it comes to minimizing their impact.”

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