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Black Friday: Cybersecurity Tips for Shopping Online

What happens when the opportunism of virtual criminals is found, with the carelessness of people during online purchases by the Black Friday? In the best of cases, a scam attempt can occur that does not go beyond a scare; however, at other times it can become a bad time that leads to loss of money or theft of personal information.

According to a Kaspersky research for Latin America, in 2019 the probability of suffering an attack from phishing up to 24% during the periods of the Black Friday y del Cyber Monday, compared to the rest of the year.

“Cybercriminal organizations are always looking for events that allow them to take advantage of people. In this day and age, people are willing to buy and spend, but if we don’t do it the right way, we can be vulnerable to attacks and threats, ”he says. Gustavo Chapela, director of KIO Cyber ​​Security at KIO Networks.

Therefore, it is important that companies and businesses not only focus on the marketing of their products, offers and low prices, but must also design security solutions for online purchases, because only in this way can it be achieved that customers feel safe and satisfied.

Next, Chapela explains some cybersecurity recommendations for users to avoid risks during online purchases this season:

Use a single payment method, so as not to have to put the card number on different pages. One option is to have a PayPal account, since that company is exclusively dedicated to electronic payments and does not require that the user have to give their data whenever they make a transaction.

It is advisable to use the pages of large companies, as they are corporations that invest in cybersecurity and offer greater support to consumers.

Avoid buying from sites of dubious reputation at all costs, because the risks increase on little-known portals.

It is important to read the comments of other users on the online shopping pages, as they are the best judges to know if buying from that site will be a satisfactory experience.

And for companies, Chapela lists the following information security tips:

One recommendation is that they use an independent means of payment, as they are experts in managing payments. Today, there are many internationally endorsed channels that reduce the number of failures.

It is also suggested to store the minimum amount of user information. Less data stored represents less risk. “Only the basic and necessary information should be kept,” emphasizes Chapela.

Likewise, any company, business or corporation that has an internet presence should seek the advice of an expert in cybersecurity, in order to verify that its infrastructure and servers have robust protection measures.

And to protect the user’s account, the main advice is to integrate a second identification factor (token). For example, Google and other companies offer this service for free.

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