Tuesday, May 24

Blame Arturo Valls

Before embarking on her crusade through Spain, Rocío Monasterio had her own particular crusade against the walls. Its mission: the reform of lofts, an Anglo-Cuqui term to define open spaces whose realistic translation is “loft”.

As (despite what Ayuso says) Madrid is a handkerchief, among the clients of Monastery was Arturo Valls. The well-known presenter, of course, was unaware that his architect lacked a degree and a license. Life is not a Discovery Max show, and you don’t hire a detective before commissioning a remodel.

But the hare ended up jumping and, in May, the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office filed a complaint against Rocío Monasterio. She was accused of documentary falsity for having pasted a photocopy of the Madrid Surveyor’s College stamp on a document, a practice that in the Fine Arts schools is called a collage and, in kindergartens, fine motor skills exercise.

On Monday, the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid dismissed the complaint. The reason? That the forgery was very “gross and visible to the naked eye.” In Magritte’s words: “Ceci n’est pas une pipe”. In other words, the stamp was not a stamp, but a photocopy of a stamp. And that is not a crime. The fault of all this mess is, therefore, Arturo Valls. And I sincerely hope that you will answer to justice. Wouldn’t we stop anyone who tried to light Magritte’s pipe?

The host of Mask Singer should be immediately charged. The crime, if we pay attention to the words of the TSJM, is obvious: “absence of criteria in the graphic analysis.” I know that it is not typified in the penal code, but times change and criminals evolve. The law has been reformed for less.

That a person who is supposed to be trained is not able to differentiate a correctly stamped stamp (with its ink lumps and its variations in stroke depending on the pressure) from a crude photocopy is something that our democracy simply cannot afford.

We cannot prevent people like Rocío Monasterio, passionate about the arts who, unable to restrain their creative impulse, throw themselves into collage. But we can prevent people like Arturo Valls from continuing to roam freely, approving budgets without the necessary scrutiny of the graphic section. Let justice be done, whoever falls.