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Blizzard removes sexual dialogue from World of Warcraft | Digital Trends Spanish

Following the lawsuit for various types of harassment within Blizzard and Activision, the company is taking some action with World of Warcraft, in which they made numerous changes to lines of dialogue eliminating all suggestive content or sexual connotations.

According to what the site details Wow head, the list of changes is very long and includes jokes and flirtations that are too risque or inappropriate for the current environment, in which everything Blizzard does is under heavy scrutiny.

Not all the deleted dialogue was because of inappropriate or sexual content, but also because some jokes were not very good in general. Hence, it appears that Blizzard took advantage of the review to remove content that should never really have been.

On the other hand, the amount of content removed was such that some characters ended up with just two lines of dialogue that were repeated over and over again when interacting with them. Likewise, these lines are different depending on the gender or race of the characters.

Changes of World of warcraft They are part of the efforts that Blizzard and Activision are making to clean up their image after the scandals that came to light, which were the cause of a lawsuit from the state of California. In said lawsuit, some senior executives of Blizzard were specifically mentioned, in a case that also involved executives of Activision, the company mother from Blizzard.

After the facts were known, the president of Blizzard left his position, which was now in the hands of two people: Mike Ybarra and Jen Oneal. In between, the company launched for sale Diablo II Resurrected, a new version of the original but now with a much more current presentation.

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