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Blockchain gaming NFTs sell $ 2.32 billion in Q3

The NFTs used in blockchain games generated a total of $ 2.32 billion in sales during the months of July, August and September. According to data from DappRadarIn this third quarter alone, unique active wallets connected to blockchain games reached 754,000, half of the blockchain industry’s activity. Blockchain games currently represent one of the sectors with the most future in the blockchain industry.

Blockchain games and NFTs

The NFTs in the Axie Infinity game became the most traded collection ever. In the third quarter alone, Axie Infinity generated $ 2.08 billion, a figure that represents 19% of all the trading volume recorded in the NFT industry during the same time period. At the end of September, the game introduced the possibility of staking and generating passive income, attracting the attention of many new users. Sales of NFTs in this third quarter place the collection well above collections such as NBA Top Shot and Criptopunks.

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For its part, the Splinterlands card game attracted more than 245,000 unique daily wallets in September, 3,267% more than at the end of the second quarter. Polygon also released the Arc8 game in September. It is a game for mobile phones focused on a market, that of mobiles, which moves $ 79,000 million and has more than 2,500 million players. At the moment, Arc8 has agglutinated more than 378,000 unique users in the last 30 days.

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Likewise, virtual worlds generated more than $ 56.37 million in transactions, with The Sandbox metaverse leading the way. In the past month, Sandbox confirmed collaborations with Atari, Snoop Dogg, and The Walking Dead, bringing it sales of $ 17 million in virtual lands. The Sandbox metaverse is followed by the virtual worlds of Treeverse and Decentraland by sales volume.

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