Friday, February 23

Blockchain’s Impact on the Future by Josh Dunn at TNABC 2022

Josh Dunn community manager of Distributed Ledger Inc. a blockchain services company, was present on the last day of the conference TNABC 2022 to talk about the impact of this technology in the future. There are many advantages that the blockchain offers, which is why practically all sectors are turning to see it, gradually adapting it.

Dunn said that the blockchain is already present in the prevention of electoral fraud, sports, the identification of people on the network, digital marketing, consumption and in several other sectors. That’s why this is today’s technology that will help shape the future.

This technology will reach, step by step, the level of mass adoption. And, its incorporation is a smart strategy that will allow companies to be at the forefront of the digital economy and the future of the business world. He added that, from DLI they are building a better infrastructure to acquire crypto.

Likewise, he commented that the greatest contribution to web 3.0 that the company will give is the deployment of helium miners. «We have recently partnered with Telecom in Latin America. We are going to install 55,000 helium miners in the mobile phone towers of Latin America».

Blockchain technology use cases

The digital marketing expert said that although this technology allows for distributed registry infrastructures, which can be used to save time recording transactions between different actors, eliminate costs associated with intermediaries and reduce the risk of fraud and manipulation is not the only case. of use in which it can be applied.

During his speech at TNABC 2022, he commented on the use of blockchain technology in the health sector and how this technology can help, especially due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For example, in the veracity of the results of the PCR tests. One kind of strategy is to provide the health manager with a cryptographic signature that will give a sense of veracity regarding the results.

But, health was not only one of the sectors where he mentioned the possible impact of the blockchain. He also highlighted the importance that it can play in the very near future in the political arena. Very especially in the electoral processes of governments.

In fact, he mentioned parties that have presented electoral programs with proposals based on the use of the blockchain to try to recover reliability in public management. He added that a lot of countries like Brazil are looking into different ways we could use it to secure votes. And thus prevent electoral fraud.

«The most important thing that we want to achieve in the future is that there is a voice, a vote, that there is no manipulation, that there is no ballot box stuffing, whatever you want to call it. There is definitely an option for blockchain to help secure that and move into the next century.».

Statistics of technology use in the future

Josh Dunn also shared some numbers on TNABC, which could suggest the percentage of adoption in terms of blockchain technology.

  • 50% of global organizations make blockchain a strategic partner. This suggests adoption and the industry is expected to see it as well.
  • 11.7 billion dollars is expected to be spent in 2022 on global blockchain solutions.
  • 84% of companies plan to use the technology to some degree.

In this sense, Dunn hopes to “be here” to help discover how it will be used and how the blockchain will impact its customers and users around the world.