Friday, January 28

BlockDown DeData: the online conference on the privacy of your data

The BlockDown DeData online conference is here. This long-awaited event by blockchain enthusiasts will take place on Friday, December 3 from 2 PM to 10 PM CET, and will be broadcast on various digital media, including CriptoNoticias. Eight hours of content will be presented in which one of the topics that has been a trend in recent years will be discussed: data and privacy in the virtual world.

Ready for the BlockDown 2021 online conference?

BlockDown DeData is a special event where blockchain experts will come together to discuss topics of great interest to the community. Data ownership, privacy, security of the user’s personal information, web 3.0 and decentralization are some of them. The information will be presented through talks, debates, panels, conferences and more.

This year’s BlockDown speakers are of the highest level. The list is headed by Edward Snowden, a former CIA officer and consultant to the National Security Agency (NSA). Snowden is regarded as a passionate advocate for privacy and cybersecurity, and this became apparent when in 2013 he revealed that the United States government had a massive surveillance program around the world.

Other confirmed speakers are Gavin Wood, cofundador de Parity Technologies and President of Web3 Foundation, David Chaum, CEO of XX Network, Wes Levitt, Chief Strategy Officer of Theta Labs, Raullen Chai, Co-Founder and CEO of loTeX, Bruno Škvorc, Founder of RMRK, Dylan Dewdney, CEO of NFT3, and the list of speakers continues.

The main objective of BlockDown Data is to educate the public about the existing challenges and alternatives when it comes to data protection. And we live in an era where personal data has become one of the most valuable products of the 21st century. Vulnerabilities in security systems and data manipulation are weapons powerful enough to put the economic, social and political stability of world powers at risk.

Erhan Korhaliller, Founder of BlockDown, commented that this conference is designed to educate, inspire and raise awareness in the masses about the importance of data today, and thus give power back to the people.

Be part of BlockDown DeData conference

Decentralization is a frequent topic of discussion among blockchain enthusiasts, especially when talking about financial services platforms. But what about the data? In BlockDown, what is decentralized data will be analyzed, its benefits and how you can take control of your data.

The event will be broadcast live by major media outlets in the cryptocurrency space, including CriptoNoticias, CryptoSlate,, NewsBTC, CryptoNews, and Bitcoinist. You can be a part of BlockDown 2021, along with millions of viewers, by logging into our home page.

Enjoy eight hours of content from more than fifty international speakers. There will be Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions, polls and interviews with keynote speakers, as well as networking opportunities with major blockchain drivers.

Learn more about the BlockDown Data 2021 online conference at its Web page and social networks: Instagram, Twitter, Telegram and Discord. If you want additional information, you can also contact the company by email: [email protected]

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