Tuesday, February 27

Blue dollar exceeded the $220 barrier in the interior: in which provinces is it cheaper

In most of the country, the blue goes up to $219. This is how it is sold in San Luis, San Juan, Salta, Río Negro, Neuquén, Tucumán, Misiones, La Rioja, and Chubut.

Meanwhile, the lowest value of the parallel dollar is recorded in the provinces of Formosa and Santiago del Estero, a $216, identical value as in the city of Buenos Aires.

So far in January, the blue dollar shows a rise of $8, after closing 2021 at $208 in the city of Buenos Aires. For 2022, specialists warn that the evolution of the price will depend on several factors, and highlight the negotiation with the IMF and the strategy in managing the official exchange rate as two of the most important issues to monitor.