Saturday, December 4

Blue dollar today: how much it is trading at this Thursday, November 18

A resolution of the National Securities Commission (CNV) established on Monday that the limit of operations in the stock exchange “counted with settlement” (CCL) must respect a technical limit (50,000 nominal dollars) beyond purchases of public securities in currency foreign that each investor has made.

On Friday, the parallel dollar had yielded $ 6.50 to $ 200, after hitting its highest nominal value of $ 207 on Thursday.

With that sharp drop, the blue dollar racked up just $ 1 last week. Recall that in the last four weeks, it had registered increases of $ 1.50, $ 2.50, $ 8.50, and $ 2.

Likewise, throughout October the informal dollar rose $ 11.50 (+ 6.2%) due to high inflation, exchange controls, fiscal deficit and strong country risk, which fueled devaluation expectations and put pressure on the currency, which it tends to make sudden jumps with just a few operations.

Anyway, so far in 2021 the parallel accumulates an appreciation of $ 35.50 (close to 20%), well below the accumulated inflation of 2021, above 41%.

Let us remember that during September, the informal dollar rose $ 4.50 (+ 2.5%), after posting its lowest rise since March in August, climbing just $ 1 (+ 0.6%). After hitting a low of $ 139 in early April, the parallel dollar increased $ 9 in April (6.4%), $ 7 (4.7%) in May, $ 11 (7%) in June, and $ 12.50 (+ 7.4%) in July.

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