Tuesday, January 18

Bolsonaro and Mercosur presidents want to explore blockchain together

President Jair Messias Bolsonaro (PL-RJ) and other MERCOSUR leaders discussed last week about blockchain applications that could be developed in the future.

This meeting took place during the LIX Summit of MERCOSUR Presidents, held on December 17, 2021. At the meeting, the presidents aligned several strategies to improve the bloc.

The Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR) is an association created in 1991, initially by the countries Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, but today more countries are part of the bloc. This aims to improve trade in the region, promoting customs union, intrazone free trade, among other agreements.

Jair Bolsonaro and MERCOSUR Presidents Agree to Create a Blockchain Solution for Information Exchange

Blockchain technology is already a reference in the data security sector around the world, being a basic protocol to generate trust in information. It is worth remembering that sharing information over the Internet openly is a high-risk practice, with the blockchain being one of those that propose to solve this problem, through encryption.

Last week, this technology ended up being discussed by heads of state from MERCOSUR countries, who believe that the blockchain is a solution that should be used to exchange information.

According to a statement from the Foreign Ministry, presidents, including Bolsonaro, believe that blockchain networks can improve services to citizens.

“They considered that Blockchain networks can play an important role in fostering innovation, improving citizen services and anti-fraud measures, and agreed on the desirability of jointly exploring the use of this technology for the secure exchange of information.”

The details of how this solution will be built are not clear, but it shows that the countries in the bloc already understand that innovation can be done with this solution.

What else did the presidents discuss?

Another point that drew attention at the meeting of presidents is the reinforcement of the issue of ratifying the “Agreement on Electronic Commerce of MERCOSUR”, which can boost this modality of purchases and sales between countries.

The points to eliminate the collection of charges for International Roaming between countries were also discussed, as well as to evolve in the application of artificial intelligence and technology of mobile networks and connectivity infrastructures, in a convergent and interoperable way.

Among the 15 points agreed upon by presidents Alberto Fernández (Republic of Argentina), Jair Messias Bolsonaro (Federative Republic of Brazil), Mario Abdo Benítez (Republic of Paraguay) and Luis Alberto Lacalle Pou (Eastern Republic of Uruguay), also stands out intention of “establish a regional strategy for digital transformation to guide the actions of States Parties to strengthen research, development and innovation in digital solutions, based on their ethical and conscientious use“.

You MERCOSUR agreements should seek to connect with other blocks in Latin America and the Caribbean to make the continent more advanced in technology.