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Bolsonaro, hospitalized in Sao Paulo for an “intestinal obstruction”



The Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, was admitted this Wednesday for an intestinal obstruction in a Sao Paulo hospital, where he will receive “initially” a “conservative clinical treatment”, according to the latest medical bulletin, which for now rules out emergency surgery.

“After clinical, laboratory and imaging examinations carried out, the president will initially remain hospitalized in conservative clinical treatment”, reports the Vila Nova Star private hospital in the report, signed by the medical team headed by the doctor Antonio Macedo.

The president was transferred at the end of the afternoon on a plane from the Air Force from Brasilia to the São Paulo airport of Congonhas and taken from there by ambulance to the hospital.

Macedo, who repeatedly operated on Bolsonaro after the stabbing he suffered during the 2018 electoral campaign, intestinal obstruction and he decided to take him to Sao Paulo, where he will do complementary tests to define the need, or not, of an emergency surgery, “said the Planalto presidential palace.

Bolsonaro, 66, had been admitted in the morning to the Hospital of the Armed Forces, to «investigate the cause of hiccups»That has been afflicting him for more than ten days, according to another official note. Since last week, he had been complaining of persistent hiccups after undergoing dental implant treatment.

«People, I’m voiceless. If I start talking a lot, the hiccup crisis returns. He’s back, “he said on Tuesday, looking tired, before a group of supporters in front of the Alvorada palace, his official residence. Since he was stabbed in the gut in September 2018, Bolsonaro has undergone six surgeries, five of them on the digestive system.

The president entered an intensive therapy unit in Brasilia in the morning and «he was intubated as a precaution“Bolsonaro’s senator and son, Flavio Bolsonaro, told the radio Jovem Pan.

The author of that attack, a former affiliate of the Socialism and Freedom Party (PSOL, left), a dissident from the Workers’ Party (PT) of former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, was diagnosed with delusional disorder and declared unimpeachable by the courts. Today he is being held in the psychiatric unit of a maximum security prison.

But Bolsonaro argues that attempted murder it was planned and had political backing. And he reiterated this Thursday in a tweet about his new health mishap.

«One more challenge, consequence of the assassination attempt promoted by a ex-PSOL member, left arm of the PT, to prevent the victory of millions of Brazilians who wanted changes for Brazil. A cruel attack not only against me, but against our democracy, ”he wrote.

In 2020, Bolsonaro had Covid-19 with mild symptoms and did not require hospitalization to recover.

Bolsonaro’s internment occurs in a context of political crisis and the erosion of his popularity, with allegations of corruption in contracts negotiated by his government to face the coronavirus pandemic, which has almost stopped 540,000 dead in the country.

In addition, a Senate commission has been investigating the alleged omissions of its government in the fight against coronavirus for almost three months and this Thursday it was prolonged for another 90 days. The latest polls for the 2022 elections show that Lula would defeat him by a wide margin.

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