Wednesday, July 6

Bolsonaro orders a journalist to shut up after she questioned him about not wearing a mask



The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, reacted in very bad ways against a TV journalist ‘Vanguarda’, who in the middle of a press conference questioned him about his refusal to use the mask. “I arrive as I want, where I want,” Bolsonaro replied as he removed his mask and then faced off against the journalist and her media outlet. “Shut your mouth!”he said visibly irritated. This episode happens just when Brazil exceeded half a million deaths from Covid and hundreds of thousands of citizens took to the streets of 20 cities across the country to protest the delay in the vaccination process.

In an intervention before the media in Guarantinguetá, in Sao Paulo, the journalist of the media affiliated to ‘Globo’, Laurene Santos, asked the president the reasons you came to town without the mask, after having been previously fined in the same state for not wearing the Covid protection mask.

Likewise, the Brazilian president has attacked ‘Globo’, whom he has described as “Shitty press.” “Shut up, they are scoundrels (…). You do a shameless journalism, ”he continued, reports the Brazilian media UOL. The journalist and Globo have denounced Bolsonaro’s attitude in a statement in which they assured that “it will not be loudly or intolerance that the president obstructs or inhibits the work of the Brazilian press.” “This, unlike him, will continue to fulfill its duty with serenity,” they have asserted, collects the portal G1, Globo.

The Brazilian Press Association has also condemned the performance of the president and it has affected that he is not in a position to govern the country “with his intemperance.” Likewise, he regretted that Bolsonaro does not appreciate the “free and critical press” and has deepened that in the face of the growing rejection of his government, the president is developing an authoritarian stance. “Even a year and a half after the elections, he is trying to discredit the electoral system,” the union has warned, to warn that they must be alert and mobilized.

“The president has demonstrated once again his lack of respect for freedom of the press, public health, democracy and even the most basic norms of civility and etiquette, a behavior incompatible with the highest office in Brazil,” he criticized, for on the other hand, the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism.

At the same time that this incident took place, Bolsonaro has attacked the chain CNN Brazil, for, as he has pointed out, having “praised” the mobilizations that took place this weekend against his management of the coronavirus pandemic in the country. Also, he has once again insisted on the use of drugs that are not effective against COVID-19.

Bolsonaro’s popularity has dropped in recent months and Brazilian society has denounced his actions in the face of the health crisis, which has already left more than 502,000 dead and 17.9 million cases, again marking an increase.

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