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Bolsonaro supporters try to overthrow Lula asking for extraterrestrial help with mobile flashlights

The photographer Marcelo Nunes went out last Sunday night for a bike ride through the Brazilian city of Porto Alegre when he found a large group of people gathered at a street intersection next to a military barracks. Those summoned wore Brazilian flags and national team jerseys, but were not supporting the canarinha but, supposedly, asking for extraterrestrial help to overthrow the newly elected president Luís Inácio Lula da Silva, according to recounts The Folha de São Pauloamong other means.

“Guys, I went for a bike ride like I always do. I filmed this pearl of the coup asking for extraterrestrial help with a cell phone on my head, making light signals and asking the ‘general’ for help. At my house’s corner”, Nunes account on his Facebook social network profile.

In the images you can see a group of people gathered in a circle around a banner with luminous letters with the legend SOS Likewise, those summoned hold their mobile phones over their heads with the lit flashlight projected towards the sky while with another hand they cover intermittently the beam of light.

At one point, a woman calls for “help” while others ask the “general” to pay attention to them. The recording is made at the gates of the Southern Military Command.

There, supporters of Bolsonaro have met regularly since the far-right leader was defeated in the second round of the presidential elections, held on October 30.

At the beginning of the month, several local media echoed the supposed sighting of unidentified flying objects over the sky of Porto Alegre and São Paulowhich has served so that, apparently, some supporters of Bolsonaro have seen in it an opportunity to facilitate a coup d’état with foreign aid.

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