Friday, February 3

Bolsonaro’s denier guru dies of Covid

São Paulo



The denialist guru of the Bolsonaro family and the main reference of the Brazilian extreme right, the astrologer Olavo de Carvalho, died a victim of Covid-19 in Virginia, United States, where he lived for almost two decades. The controversial thinker, who considered himself a philosopher, denied the existence of the virus and died without being vaccinated at the age of 74.

“Today one of the greatest thinkers in the history of our country, the philosopher and professor Olavo Luiz Pimentel de Carvalho, leaves us. Olavo was a giant in the fight for freedom and a beacon for millions of Brazilians. His example and his teachings will mark us forever. May God welcome him in his infinite goodness and mercy and comfort his family,” his most famous disciple, the president of Brazil, wrote on Twitter. Jair Bolsonaro, despite an estrangement and some recent public confrontations.

The official profile of the Government recognized the «inestimable contribution to philosophical thought and universal knowledge».

The death was communicated by the family in a note without specifying the causes of death, but Carvalho had been hospitalized since January 16 in a Richmond hospital, where a diagnosis of Covid was confirmed. One of his eight children, Heloísa, who openly opposed her father, confirmed that the cause of death was the virus. “May God forgive him for all the evils he committed,” he declared when lamenting the loss.

conspiracy theories

Without being a university graduate, Carvalho founded an Online Philosophy Course (COF) through which, according to him, 12,000 students passed, including the children of Bolsonaro and some of his ministers. Before moving to the United States in 2005, Olavo was a left-wing militant, a member of a Muslim mystical order and worked as an astrologer. In those classes he taught conspiracy and conservative theories, and rejected what was called political correctness, founding the line of thought with which Bolsonaro became known in Brazil.

Carvalho was also a columnist in the main Brazilian newspapers and the author of the books ‘The Collective Imbecile’ (2013) and ‘The Minimum You Need to Know to Not Be an Idiot’ (2018), that sold more than 400 thousand copies. The publisher Record last year canceled the contract with the thinker for considering his anti-democratic ideas, after being suspended on social networks for spreading ‘fake news’ and hate speech.

In United States, Carvalho was looking for at Steve Bannon, the intellectual mentor of Donald Trump. It was also he who selected some important names from Bolsonaro’s first ministry, such as Education and Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo, one of his best students.

Guided by Carvalho, Araujo defended anti-system globalism against globalization, multilateralism and the fight against what he called ‘cultural Marxism’, the theory that there is an international leftist elite that imposes the rules of the world. Araujo left office amid controversy and diplomatic problems, especially against China.

Carvalho will be buried in Brazil.

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