Friday, August 12

Bolton, Trump’s former security adviser, boasts of having participated in coups in other countries

John Bolton, former National Security adviser to Donald Trump from 2017 to 2020, has acknowledged having participated in coups abroad, which he has downplayed. In an interview on CNN he has also referred to the assault on the Capitol, on January 6, 2021. “It was not an attack on American democracy,” he has said.

Trump, in legal trouble before the crudest testimony about his role at the forefront of the assault on Capitol Hill

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Regarding the assault on Capitol Hill, he assured that Trump did not want to overthrow the Constitution, “but rather buy time, to leave the problem to the States, to try to reverse the matter.” The January 6 rally began with a series of speeches until Trump invited his supporters to “march to the Capitol” and “applaud the senators and congressmen.”

During the interview, journalist Jake Tapper comments that “you don’t need to be brilliant to try to carry out a coup” to which the former advisor shows his disagreement: “As someone who has helped plan coups, not here, but in other countries, I can say that it requires a lot of work”. Although Tapper insists, Bolton declines to give specific examples.

Bolton also talks about the 2019 crisis in Venezuela, in which the US government recognized Juan Guaidó as interim president. Regarding the event, the former adviser has stated that “the opposition tried to overthrow an illegitimately elected president, Nicolás Maduro, and failed.” In addition, he compares Trump to the Venezuelan opposition, assuring that the former US president is “not even half as competent.”

Bolton, considered a Republican “hawk” in favor of US interventionism, served as White House National Security Adviser from 2017 until Trump fired him in 2020 precisely because of disagreements over the policy towards Venezuela.