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Bombshell: Bose will stop selling headphones | Digital Trends Spanish

A bombshell news is the one published by the bostonglobeindicating that the US mark Bose decided to stop selling hearing aids, after beginning a series of layoffs in this essential area in recent years.

The company founded in 1964 and that has been characterized by the manufacture of high-quality wearable technology, especially in audio, is leaving one of its star products.

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“Bose’s Health division, which is responsible for the innovative SoundControl™ self-adjusting hearing aid, has been eliminated: employees were laid off after an independent review determined that ‘Bose should no longer sell hearing aids,'” the report states.

The company has reportedly laid off about 2,000 employees in recent years, closed more than 100 retail stores and sold a 1,500-employee office campus in Stow, MA. A former employee was quoted as saying, “To say that morale is low is an understatement.”

“The report indicates that Bose has struggled with sales in recent years, missing the mark with products like Bose Frames and SoundControl headphones. Bose has also reportedly lost market share to Apple, which has moved into the pseudo-headphone category with its speech-enhancing AirPods Pro. Total Bose sales fell nearly $1 billion from 2019 to 2021, according to the report. For now, Bose plans to focus on its core product range, such as “headphones, speakers, soundbars and car audio equipment,” the Boston Globe reported.

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