Wednesday, February 21

Bonds in dollars rebounded up to 3.5% and the Merval lost 1.9%

Regarding the bonds in pesos, the linked dollar tranche had “a lot of activity on TV22, which fell 0.35%” and “the hardest hit was T2V2, which lost almost 1%,” reported Grupo SBS. Finally, CER-adjusted bonds in pesos gained 0.5%.

Rafael Di Giorno, director of Proficio Investment, said, in a dialogue with Ámbito, that “the wheel went from high to low, dragged from the outside. Argentina had been going up for five business days for what was to come. The most notable of the day was the fall of the MEP dollar and the CCL dollar. Bonds in dollars rose one point and in pesos they fell 0.7%, so you have a fall in the MEP of 1.7%”.

“In the Argentine market, its own assets and the Cedears, economic and political fears were reflected in the prices after a rise after announcing the agreement with the IMF. This understanding was actually more of an advance in the intention of a later agreement. There was a search to make the payment that kept us away from default”, said Emilse Cordoba, director of Bell Bursátil, in dialogue with Ámbito.


The S&P Merval fell 1.9% to 89,662.66, after accumulating an improvement of 6.34% in the previous three trading sessions and closing January with an increase of 8.87%.

The largest decreases in the leading panel were for BYMA (-3.9%), Banco BBVA (-3.7%), and Central Puerto (-3.6%). However, the rises of Cablevisión (+6.3%), Grupo Financiero Valores Sociedad Anónima (+2.6%), and Mirgor (+1.7%) stood out.

As for the ADRs, the companies closed with the majority of losses and the losses of Mercado Libre (-6.5%), Banco Superville (-3.1%), and Banco BBVA (-3%) stood out.

The volume traded on Cedears during the day rose 4% to $4,944 million, which represented 83% of the total transactions in equities.