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Book on the philosophy of Bitcoin leads the sales list on Amazon Spain

Bitcoin (BTC) clearly has an impact on society. It has reached all strata and literature does not escape that. The Philosophy of Bitcoin, the book by the Spanish researcher Álvaro D. María, is now the first in sales in the Politics, Economics and Philosophy categories of Amazon Spain.

so what reported the author himself in a message shared on his Twitter account. There he showed his emotion and gratitude to the readers who supported the work of the renowned bitcoiner..

“Nah, crazy. The philosophy of Bitcoin: N°1 in Politics. No. 1 in Philosophy. No. 1 in Economics. No. 41 in Kindle Store in the top 100. Thank you very much everyone, “he wrote on the network.


On Amazon, Maria’s work is also First in the list of books on Computer and Internet Security. On the first line, it overlaps a similarly themed book called “The 1×1 Investing in Bitcoin and Altcoins,” written by entrepreneur William Lakefield.

The Bitcoin Philosophy also has a 5-star rating on It also has reviews from various people, which bought the book of the Spanish researcher.

«A light, fantastic work»

For those who have acquired the text, it is a publication “very light to read and easy to understand”. This, to despite the fact that they are “extremely complex issues, difficult to understand and to frame”.

«These are topics with which it is easy to be misled. If the reader is familiar with the economic theory of the Austrian School and with liberal authors, and knows a minimum of law, this book is like a superficial tour of all these topics, but interrelating them with Bitcoin, ”explained a reader in the evaluation section. Amazon.

Another comment, by Iván Martín, highlights that María’s book is fantastic to understand what Bitcoin has come to do. “A very fluid language and a very easy to read book that makes us think about the current states, the decline of traditional currencies and what Bitcoin has changed with its philosophy.”

The book dedicated to Bitcoin leads the lists of politics, economics and philosophy in the Amazon market. / Fountain: Alvaro D. Maria.

“In addition, the edition of the book is fantastic, with an exquisite model, a spectacular cover composition and a very careful interior down to the last detail. Great work by and Álvaro”, he expressed.

A book to rethink property law

The work of the Spanish philosopher has its well-deserved review in CriptoNoticias, published on December 23, the same day it was released to the public.

As is known, it was a long-awaited book for many Spanish-speaking bitcoiners. This is the first literary text dedicated to Bitcoin written by the Spanish researcher, where he highlights the implications of the first cryptocurrency.

According to María, who is one of the personalities to follow on Twitter to learn about Bitcoin in Spanish, the crypto asset forces us to think about post-state life. “I think we are at a time of change of era and Bitcoin is going to be the catalyst in the coming years of this transition,” he says.

A growing community

That this book dedicated to Bitcoin leads the Amazon lists is no small thing. It is a sign that the bitcoiner community is growing considerably in Spain. Traffic to this site is known to be just over 178 million views, in figures from SimilarWeb.

As an example of the growth in adoption, there is the recent announcement of Bitnovo, a company that plans to install some 100 bitcoin ATMs, which would make Spain surpass El Salvador in the number of these devices in operation.

The Bitcoin Philosophy was published on December 23 / Source:

In addition, there has been a boom in regulations, which although they seek —according to the State— to reduce crimes related to bitcoin, they attest that there is a growing movement of cryptocurrency users, who have decided to use these assets as means of exchange and other.