Monday, December 5 has a hard time in Spain and is accused | Digital Trends Spanish

An uncomfortable situation is living the site in Spain, as the hotel and accommodation recommendation platform, is being accused of anti-competitive behavior after a couple of complaints filed by the Spanish Association of Hotel Managers and the Madrid Regional Hotel Association.

The national competition regulator declared today that it will examine whether certain practices of constitute an abuse of a dominant position in the provision of intermediation services to hotels and, therefore, whether it is imposing unfair commercial conditions on hotels located in Spain and imposing commercial policies that may have exclusive in other online travel agencies and online sales channels.

The National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) also said that it will investigate whether’s conduct includes practices that constitute an exploitation of a position of economic dependence of hotels in Spain and, therefore, amount to “acts of unfair competition that affect the public interest due to the distortion of free competition that they have produced”, as their press release states.

“After reviewing the complaints received and the information collected in the framework of the preliminary investigation, the CNMC Competition Directorate considers that there are reasons to support the possibility that BV has infringed articles 2 and 3 of the SCA and Article 102 TFEU [Tratado de Funcionamiento de la Unión Europea],” added the CNMC.

The Spanish watchdog has up to 18 months to carry out its investigation and reach a final decision.

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