Saturday, October 1

Boric Government measures: pardons and withdrawal of complaints for the prisoners of the 2019 protests

Correspondent in Santiago de Chile



We have talked with the families and we already know what we are going to do, “was what he answered. Gabriel Boric to those who, in their celebration on Sunday night after learning of the victory, they shouted for “freedom for the prisoners for fighting.”

The position of the president-elect varied with the passage of the campaign. When the bill that proposes a general pardon for all prisoners of the social outbreak, misnamed political prisoners, was presented in the Senate, he gave his support. After the first round, on November 21, Boric modified his position stating that those who committed crimes such as arson and looting cannot be pardoned.

Today, two of his close aides shed light on what he’s going to do once he takes office in March.

His political strategist, Congressman Giorgio Jackson, announced that they will withdraw all complaints by the State Security Law, which in practice aggravates the quality of the crime and, therefore, the precautionary ones. As specified, said law is an “interference” of the Government with respect to the Judiciary “generating pressure” in the courts of guarantees.

It is also possible that he will pardon those who are already sentenced, as advanced by the communist deputy Karol Cariola. “The President of the Republic has the possibility of pardoning himself, he does not need a bill,” he said.

The National Institute of Human Rights stated that between October 2019 and March 2020 more than 11,300 people were arrested and 2,500 incarcerated. However, in July 2021, the Judiciary reported that only five people were still in preventive detention awaiting trial and conviction. The National Prosecutor’s Office clarified that, as of May 2021, 4,771 convictions had been handed down to 3,879 people (some were attributed more than one crime). And 149 acquittals were issued to 127 detainees. It is not clear how many are sentenced to effective jail time.

Jackson, in addition, opened to incorporate “compensation and repairs for people who have suffered material losses in real estate or furniture” during the process of social outbreak in the project being processed. Until before the first round, the center-left only applied for reparation to the victims of the police.

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