Thursday, January 27

Boric will not announce the distribution of power among his left-wing partners until January 22




Two maxims will prevail Gabriel Boric in the conformation of his government: appoint ministers without resorting to quotas between parties of his coalition. and that the cabinet has a joint character. Boric reported, after the meeting he held with the outgoing president Sebastian Piñera in La Moneda, that the same term as him will be given to announce his cabinet, that is, one month. The formal meeting allowed them to address issues of international relations and management of the pandemic, which are, in the opinion of the elected leader, state policies.

The Frente Amplio deputy made a tour of the Gallery of Presidents and stopped in front of the bust of Salvador Allende. Then on Twitter he said: “I thought about those who, like him, were before us.”

He attended the meeting accompanied by his spokesperson Izkia Sichez and his political strategist, the Democratic Revolution deputy George Jackson, who participated in a lunch with the ministers Rodrigo Delgado, Juan José Ossa and Jaime Bellollio. “I am leaving in peace because we will have an orderly and institutional transfer of command, where the State apparatus makes itself available for democracy to work, and that is good news for Chile because it is something that perhaps one does not know how to appreciate until it is lost. , and we must value them and deepen it, “said Boric as he left the palace.

In Chile there are 23 ministries and the possibility of appointing the same number of men and women is therefore difficult. The parity was installed by Michelle Bachelet in his first government, in 2006, but in a short time, with the changes of cabinet, he was disfiguring. Piñera never had it as an absolute premise. In Boric’s case, it makes sense because he claims to be a fervent defender of the advancement of women and minorities, an issue he highlighted in his speech on Sunday.

Not establishing quotas in his cabinet is, on the other hand, the only formula that will allow the president-elect to form his team since he does not have cadres of professionals trained within his coalition. The covenant I approve Dignity It is made up of the Communist Party (which had two ministers in the second Bachelet government) and movements of the Broad Front whose leaders are young inexperienced millennials.

It is taken for granted that those who were at the head of his command will be in his cabinet. Izkia Siches (35 years old), resigned from the presidency of the Medical College, and although many point her out in the Health portfolio, it is most likely that she will remain in the political team of La Moneda in charge of the General Secretariat of Government, doing spokesperson.

Jackson (34), meanwhile, could be installed in the General Secretariat of the Presidency that handles relations with the Legislature, since it is considered that it does not have weight to be in the Interior, the ministry in charge of security. The communist deputy Camila Vallejo (33) is mentioned as one of the letters for Work, although others put in that portfolio at the hands of the former president of the Central Unitary of Workers, the communist Bárbara Figueroa.

The role that the PC will play in the government will be decisive to define the character of the Boric government, since it can demand the most important portfolios. Mayor Daniel Jadue advanced it by pointing out that “today the CP, it hurts whoever hurts, is the largest party in this great coalition.”

The analyst Alfredo Joignant, however, anticipates that if the CP insists on having the hegemony it can stress and lead to breaking the pact.

Boris will have to resort to independents from the former Concertación orbit, as confirmed by RD deputy Miguel Crispi.

The Socialist Party, through its president Álvaro Elizalde, announced that it will not be an opposition to the government, but that this does not mean that it will enter the cabinet. The Christian Democracy, instead, he will make a constructive opposition.

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