Monday, December 5

Boris Johnson returns to the UK amid rumors about his possible candidacy to lead the Conservative Party

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has landed this Saturday in the United Kingdom from the Dominican Republic amid rumors about his possible candidacy to lead the Conservative Party again and, therefore, occupy the head of the Government.

The United Kingdom hangs by a thread and Boris Johnson may be the last straw

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The British Airways (BA) plane in which Johnson was traveling landed this Saturday at Gatwick airport, in the south of England, after 10:00 local time and from Punta Cana, where he was enjoying a vacation with his family, according to local media report. Some 7,000 users have followed BA’s flight through the FlightRadar24 platform, which allows the aircraft’s trajectory to be known in real time.

The formation in power has started an internal process to choose its new leader after Liz Truss announced on Thursday her resignation as prime minister and head of her party as a result of the turbulence that her economic program, with tax cuts that were later was forced to reverse, provoked in the markets.

The deadline to make the candidacies official expires this Monday at 2:00 p.m. local time. To do this, the applicants must have the support of one hundred conservative deputies (out of a total of 357). So far, Johnson has obtained the support of 50 deputies, while former Economy Minister Rishi Sunak, one of the favorites, has already reached the necessary 104, according to a count made by the British newspaper The Guardian.

In the last hours, who was Minister of the Interior with Johnson, Priti Patel, has made public her support for the former premier. “Boris has a proven track record of great good decisions, with him supporting Ukraine and upholding our values. From the launch of the strategy to promote vaccination, the deployment of more police on the streets, to the completion of Brexit; Boris has leadership qualities, a democratic commitment and the optimism to get our country out of these challenging times, ”she said in a post on her social networks the current Conservative MP.

Johnson resigned last July after a rebellion by numerous members of his Executive over the party scandal at the Downing Street residence during the pandemic.

The only MP who has already made her intention to present her candidacy official is the Conservative leader in the House of Commons and former Defense Minister Penny Mordaunt. According to The Guardian, the deputy has 22 supports at the moment. In the last few hours, she has released a campaign video titled: “My true self”.

By needing the support of a hundred deputies, only three candidates can be presented this Monday, after which the conservative parliamentarians will vote for one of them. If there are two left, members can vote online for one of them.