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Boris Johnson Says Getting Vaccinated Is Following “The Teaching Of Jesus Christ” In His Christmas Message

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has asked the British in his Christmas message to continue to be vaccinated and has said that this is to follow “the teaching of Jesus Christ.”

The United Kingdom registers 78,610 infections in one day, a record since the start of the pandemic

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In a speech recorded at his Downing Street residence, posted on Johnson’s official Twitter account on Friday, the head of government said that in the days leading up to Christmas the British “have given each other an invisible gift and of incalculable value “: the vaccine.

“We have been receiving the vaccine that protects us and prevents us from infecting others,” he added.

“I hope you forgive me for being proud of the immense spirit of cooperation that the people of this country have shown. Getting vaccinated not only for themselves, for us, but for their friends, their families and all those with whom they meet,” he said. Johnson said in the video, in which he appears in front of a large illuminated tree.

“After all, it is the teaching of Jesus Christ, whose birth is at the center of this huge festival, that we should love our neighbors as we love ourselves,” he added.

Although there is less and less time to buy last-minute gifts before Christmas, “there is still something wonderful that you can give to your families and the entire country: get a vaccine, be it your first, second dose, or the vaccine. of reinforcement “, has affirmed the prime minister.

Johnson has also sent a cautionary message: “After two years of this pandemic, I cannot say that we have overcome it.” The ‘Tory’ leader has asked the British to be “especially careful” when meeting over the next few days with elderly or vulnerable relatives, although he has assured that this Christmas will be “significantly better” than the previous ones, when in the United Kingdom it is they restricted social encounters to avoid contagion.

Despite the advance of the omicron variant, which has triggered cases in the country, the Government has not established restrictions beyond the masks in certain interior spaces and the COVID pass in nightclubs.

“We can carry out the celebrations with those we love the most and raise our glass for those who cannot be with us”, said Johnson in his Christmas greeting, in which he expressed his gratitude to “all those in the NHS (health public) who work at Christmas, “to the” social employees “and to all those involved in the vaccination campaign.

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