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Boris Johnson says goodbye to the British Parliament with a “goodbye, baby”

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who resigned on July 7, said goodbye to Parliament this Wednesday with a “goodbye, baby”, in his last speech before the House of Commons before leaving power next September.

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Johnson has presided over his last control session in the lower house, where he has received an ovation from his parliamentary group as he left the room for the last time as prime minister. Saying goodbye, the politician tory He has highlighted that being the head of government has been the “great privilege” of his life and has described as “mission accomplished” having materialized Brexit, overcome the COVID pandemic and faced the Russian threat in Ukraine.

Johnson, who resigned after more than 50 members of the Government resigned in protest at his management, has paraphrased the character of Arnold Schwarzenegger from the science fiction film Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), at the end of the session with the phrase in Spanish “hasta la vista, baby”.

He has also recommended his successor in office – who will be announced on September 5, after the summer recess – to look “forward” and defend “freedom and democracy”.

Earlier, the Labor leader, Keir Starmer, admitted that the relationship between the prime minister and the leader of the opposition “is not easy”, but that he wished him and his family “the best for the future”. House Speaker Lindsay Hoyle has also wished Johnson and his family all the best. “We’ve been through a lot of dark times in this chamber, like during the pandemic,” Hoyle said, paying tribute to him for the way he acted during that health crisis. The president, however, has admitted that lawmakers will have different views on Johnson’s legacy and that those views will be “passionately” preserved.

Former Prime Minister Theresa May, for her part, has avoided joining the applause of the Tories as Johnson left the camera.

Johnson has not wanted to comment on the candidates who aspire to succeed him but has highlighted that the population has had the opportunity to observe the “talents” they have in recent television debates.

In the internal vote of the Conservative Party this afternoon, it will be possible to know the two candidates who will be submitted in the coming weeks to the vote of the members of the formation – some 160,000 – in view of the declaration of the winner in September. The three remaining candidates are former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak; the head of Foreign Affairs, Liz Truss, and the Secretary of State for Trade, Penny Mourdant, although it is almost certain that Sunak will be among one of the two finalists.

Johnson will leave power in September after his leadership was the center of criticism for various scandals, especially for the parties at the Downing Street residence during the pandemic.

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