Wednesday, September 27

Boris Johnson warns of increased hospital pressure but says the situation is “better” than a year ago

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced this Friday that the United Kingdom has reached the goal of offering a booster dose against COVID-19 to all adults and has ensured that the country is much better than a year ago.

Boris Johnson, caught in the crises that can end his leadership and the Conservative government

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On the occasion of New Year’s Eve, the head of the Government has indicated in a message released this Friday that seven out of ten adults have already received the third dose and Health has offered all those over 18 the possibility of receiving it, as was the objective of the Executive for the end of this year.

“Thanks to this great national (vaccination) effort we can celebrate tonight,” he said.

The conservative politician has also highlighted the importance of people cautiously celebrating the entry of 2022, after the Executive ruled out applying more restrictions for England despite the rapid spread of the omicron variant in the country.

Currently, England has teleworking and health passports in force for mass events in addition to the mandatory nature of masks indoors. In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, clubs and nightlife venues are also closed and there are limits to social contacts.

Throughout the UK, antigen tests are free for the entire population, who can pick them up at pharmacies or receive them at home, although in recent weeks there has been a shortage due to the great pressure of record infections, with more than 189,000 registered this Thursday, 45% more than the previous week. Hospital pressure continues to increase throughout the country and hospitals are already preparing reinforcements in parking lots and other temporary facilities.

“Whatever challenges come our way and whatever anxieties we may have in the weeks and months ahead, particularly about omicron and the increasing number of hospitalizations, we can say one thing with certainty, our position is 31 December is incomparably better than last year, “said Johnson.

In addition, the prime minister has said that vaccination has allowed the country to maintain economic growth and stressed that the United Kingdom has had “the fastest economic growth of all the G7 countries.” According to Johnson, the UK has been able to maintain “the most open economy and society of all the major European economies” because the British have responded “heroically, voluntarily and in almost unbelievable numbers” to the call to get vaccinated. Between July and December there were no internal restrictions (yes at the border) in England.

Message to the unvaccinated

The Tory leader has also sent a message to people “who have not yet been fully vaccinated”, in particular to those who think that the disease “can not hurt”: “Look at the people admitted to the hospital now, it could be you Look at the intensive care units and the miserable and unnecessary suffering of those who didn’t get vaccinated, that could be you. ”

Johnson has asked these people to make their New Year’s resolution to make an immunization appointment, “much easier than losing weight or keeping a journal,” he said. “Get vaccinated and do something that makes 2022 a happy new year for all of us,” the prime minister has asked.