Thursday, December 2

Boris Johnson’s father accused of inappropriate touching of several women

Stanley Johnson, father of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has been accused of touching a former senior government official and a prominent political journalist, according to British media.

Caroline Nokes, who chairs the Women and Equality Commission, has said that Johnson slapped her butt in 2003, when she was running for MP for the Teignbridge district in Devon, England. Ailbhe Rea, political correspondent for the New Statesman, thanked Nokes for speaking and said that Johnson reached out to him “at a Conservative Party congress party in 2019.”

Johnson Sr. has said to Sky News that he has “no memory of Caroline Nokes at all”. Secretary of State for the Interior, Damian Hinds, has said this Tuesday there should be an investigation into the claims “if that’s the appropriate course of action.”

Nokes, MP for Romsey, was speaking at a round table with other MPs on Sky News when she said: “There have been male MPs who have put their hands on my butt at the Strangers’ Bar [en el Parlamento]”.

“I remember a very prominent man – at that time the Conservative candidate for Teignbridge in Devon – who hit me on the butt as hard as he could and said, ‘Oh, Romsey, you have a beautiful seat.’

“I was about 30 years old, so I was old enough to report it … Now I consider it a duty, an absolute duty, to report it wherever you see it. To be the noisy and aggressive woman in the room, because if I’m not there ready to do it, then my daughter won’t be ready to do it… ‘”

After the Nokes interview, journalist Rea tweeted: “Stanley Johnson also groped me at a party at the Conservative Conference in 2019. I am grateful to Caroline Nokes for denouncing something that none of us should bear, least of all from the Prime Minister’s father. . ”

Johnson, 81, is a former Conservative Party member and was a member of the European Parliament between 1979 and 1984. Asked by Sky News, his answer has been: “I don’t remember Caroline Nokes at all and I have no answer … Good luck and thanks”.

“If there is an investigation, of course it will be done. If there is an investigation to be done, if that is the appropriate course of action, then of course it will be done,” Hinds said.

For its part, Nokes thanked this Tuesday “the brotherhood, for the solidarity and support [recibido] today. You know who I mean and you are wonderful. ”

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