Wednesday, October 4

Borràs charges against the deputies who have suspended it: “Hypocrites!”

The president of the Parliament has charged harshly against the deputies of the PSC, ERC and CUP who this Thursday have voted in favor of suspending her as deputy and president. “These deputies have not come today dressed as deputies but dressed as hypocritical judges and they have suspended my rights and duties”, said Borràs, who has accused them of applying the regulation in a crooked way. “Hypocrites!”, She has exclaimed, after assuring that behind her decision is the will to remove a political rival.

In her appearance before the media, the president has detailed her opinion that article 25.4 of the regulation by which she has been suspended could not be applied to her, to the extent that she understands that the crimes for which she is accused, prevarication and documentary falsehood, are not related to corruption.

“Today in Parliament there has been an extraordinarily serious event”, Borràs assured, “a decision that distances this House from the defense of fundamental rights”, he assured. “They have wanted to sentence me and they have done it in a premeditated and hasty way. The path has been flattened so that those who want to carry out a political persecution have it easier, ”he added.

In her last appearance as president, Borràs has assured that during the 16 months that the Chamber has ruled she has always defended the rights of all the deputies, even citing the deputy Pau Juvillà whom she herself prevented from voting and withdrew his salary. The president has also referred to Lluís Puig, who has had problems voting electronically. That is why she considers it “ironic” that the same ones who asked her to defend the rights of the deputies vote to suspend her rights.

Borràs’ speech has used the usual arguments of the president, who mixes her case of alleged splitting of contracts to favor a friend with the causes related to the procés. In that sense, the head of the Chamber has assured that its suspension is one more effect of the judicialization of politics. A situation that they want, she has said, PSC, Vox, Ciudadanos and PP, but which has extended to the pro-independence formations, because they are “accomplices in having executed it.” “Those who suffocate us a little more every day are our allies”, she has riveted.

The president of Junts has not made any concessions against ERC, who has questioned whether it can be considered an independence party because it wants to remain autonomous. “Resigning and stepping aside would reinforce the idea of ​​this normalization in which some want to install us,” she said. Along the same lines, Borràs has assured that refusing to resign forces him to leave the presidency of the Parliament in an interim situation.