Saturday, October 1

Borràs rejects the boycott of the minute of silence on the Rambla but defends greeting the protesters

Laura Borràs, president of Junts, has avoided self-criticism this Thursday after having become one of the protagonists of the tribute to the victims of the attack on the Rambla precisely for having greeted those who were protesting during the act. The pro-independence leader, suspended this summer as president of Parliament, has argued that she did not address the protester who broke the minute of silence, but rather the others, who shouted and held banners expressing their theory that the State was hiding responsibilities in the slaughter.

The sentence of the 17-A attacks buries the conspiracy theory about the imam of Ripoll

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“It is totally out of place to interrupt a minute of silence for the victims,” ​​Borràs acknowledged in an interview on Catalunya Ràdio, and he blamed this attitude on a single protester, who was the one who subsequently led a discussion with some of the relatives of the victims. victims, outraged by those screams. “You will not see in any video that I have approached that person,” the former president of Parliament has reiterated.

Beyond the breaking of the minute of silence, the hundred demonstrators who protested during the act, belonging to pro-independence sectors that defend the existence of questions about 17-A and even that the State was behind it, also shouted during the floral offering and throughout the tribute. Even so, Borràs has defended having gone to listen to them and greet them, in an approach that ended up leading to applause and cheers from those gathered towards the Junts policy.

In this sense, Borràs has been in line with the claims of those congregated, shared to a different extent by the pro-independence parties, that the investigation into 17-A, and in particular of the links of the imam Es-Satty with the CNI , left “many questions”. “The victims want to know, to be able to clarify the facts. It is a matter of the entire society that has experienced these sad events, to be able to know what happened, asking for investigation commissions to clarify and demand responsibilities, ”he insisted. The conviction against the perpetrators of the attack, however, dismantled the conspiracy theories that emerged around Es-Satty.

The breaking of the minute of silence provoked the unanimous rejection of all the political parties, including Junts, which expressed its “strongest rejection”. Apart from this formation, the rest also charged against Borràs’s attitude, which they accused of taking political advantage of the incident.