Tuesday, July 5

Borrell will send an EU commission to Venezuela to assess whether to send observers to the elections




The EU High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, has confirmed that it will send a technical mission to Venezuela to assess the status of regional elections and venues scheduled for November and decide if the EU sends observers. «There is a possible political opening. I will send a technical mission to consider whether the conditions for an observation mission are in place, “said the head of European diplomacy at a press conference after the meeting of foreign ministers in Luxembourg.

This step is the previous one to be able to send an international observation mission to the elections November, something that Borrell tried for the legislative elections of December 2020 without success. In any case, the High Representative has not wanted to anticipate and has said that he will make a decision when he has in his hand the technical report of the European diplomats who act as advance guard. “The conditions for sending an observation mission are very varied, from security to political issues. We must guarantee that the people we send can carry out the work in a safe framework and without restrictions or limitations, “he explained, without specifying specific conditions that would make the elections recognized by the EU.

In any case, Borrell has emphasized that it is positive that the EU has “eyes on the ground”, pointing out that the bloc “regrets” not having had its own assessment of the situation on previous occasions. These statements come after the meeting he had with the Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, at an international forum in Turkey this Saturday. Then the European bloc defended the political dialogue between the Government and the opposition of Venezuela.

The country is already preparing for the autumn elections, a horizon in which the National Electoral Council (CNE) has renewed its composition including members of the opposition. Faced with these positive signs, the EU wants the elections to have the minimum conditions for the opposition to also participate and for international observers to follow the process.

For its part, the CNE has assured that it is working to modify the observation regulations for municipal and regional elections so that the EU and the United Nations can participate, something that has not happened since 2005.

“Great news”

In this context, the main rector of the CNE, Roberto Picon -opposer-, has considered the announcement of the EU to be “excellent news”, while highlighting that it is essential that the bloc follow the audit process “so that it can testify to the Venezuelan community that things are being done according to the normative”.

In an interview with the Venezuelan network Globovisión, the rector has detailed that after the draw for board members – July 7 – and the installation of regional and municipal boards – between July 10 and 31 -, applications will be carried out, a time when “most of the technical audits” will take place. “When the applications are finished on August 29, there should be an important presence to evaluate the entire process of preparing the electoral campaign, at that time most of the technical audits of the process will be carried out, it is essential that the European Union accompanies all that process “, has indicated.

Picón pointed out that the CNE directive has not yet formally dealt with the observation regulations, but has discussed the different versions and reactions to it. Likewise, it has delved into the need for the technical mission announced by the EU to arrive in the country to carry out a “planning” of what will be the process of the mission that will arrive in the November elections.

The rector has also pointed to sanctions on the country and has emphasized that when the country “reconstitutionalizes” itself and shows the will to change, these should be reviewed. “There is a negotiation process that is just beginning and that one of its main focuses is the issue of sanctions, as the actions of the Government and the institutions demonstrate the will to comply with the Constitution, then that will be recognized by the institutions. international ”, has added in this regard.

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