Saturday, September 18

“Botànic or barbarie”: Pilar Lima tries to close the crisis due to the departure of her vice president and assures that Podem is “stronger than a year ago”

“This is Botanic or barbarism, the alternative is the extreme right,” said Pilar Lima in her first public appearance after the announced departure of the second vice president of the Valencian Government, Rubén Martínez Dalmau. Lima has responded for more than half an hour to the questions of journalists during the press conference after the Board of Trustees of the Valencian Corts after having ventilated the internal crisis that has fully affected the regional Executive with a frugal statement to report on the meeting of the direction of the purple formation this Monday.

Lima has not clarified when exactly he learned of Martínez Dalmau’s intention to throw in the towel due to internal disagreements and has tried to emphasize the role of Podemos organization secretary, Ione Belarra, in the resolution of the crisis and in the transition “calm and fast” towards the incorporation of Héctor Illueca as a substitute. The Podem spokeswoman has also assured that President Ximo Puig has the support of the purple “so that the signed agreements are fulfilled.” In addition, he has assured that “there will be no problem” for Illueca to join the vice presidency, an appointment that must first be endorsed by the Valencian Citizen Council, still without a date of convocation.

The leader of Podem has announced that this Thursday she will communicate the decision to Puig and has advocated for the convening of the monitoring commission of the Pacte del Botànic but “not only for this change” but also to “strengthen the botanical unit that exists.”

Lima, who has assured that he understands “noise, discrepancies and speculations”, defends the need to “de-dramatize” and “naturalize” this type of internal organic processes. “I really like to respect the institutional organicity,” he said. By the way, he thanked the “commendable work” of Martínez Dalmau at the head of the housing department of the Valencian Government. “At Podem we are stronger than a year ago,” he assured.

EU: “Noise is never beneficial”

At his side, the deputy of Esquerra Unida (EU) Estefanía Blanes has regretted that internal decisions “unfortunately do not remain internal” and has acknowledged that “noise is never beneficial.” Blanes, who is part of the Unides Podem parliamentary group and whose formation —EU— has shown its disagreement with the untimely departure of Martínez Dalmau, has assured that “sometimes it is difficult to dissociate what is a party and what is a coalition.”

Podem’s parliamentary spokeswoman, asked about Illueca’s profile as a possible electoral candidate for the purple formation, has said that it is not “yet the time to talk about elections.”

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