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Bowser attacks in the first trailer for the movie Super Mario Bros. | Digital Trends Spanish

Nintendo and Illumination Entertainment have finally given us our first look at the animated Mario movie, which is officially titled The Super Mario Bros. Movie. The trailer reveal came during New York Comic Con and got a special Nintendo Direct of its own.

The Direct began with an introduction from Shigeru Miyamoto, Chris Meledandri, Chris Pratt, and Jack Black, who confirmed that the animation will be complete next week, though there are still other things to do, and promoted the trailer. The trailer itself begins with Bowser attacking a town of penguins before cutting to Mario finding himself in the Mushroom Kingdom and going on an adventure with Toad. We even see a bit of Luigi at the end.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Direct

Nintendo and Illumination Entertainment, the Universal Pictures animation studio known for creating Despicable Me, Sing and The Secret Life of Pets, first announced a movie based on the iconic Super Mario Bros. video game series in 2018. While the creator of the series, Shigeru Miyamoto, was a producer of the film from the beginning and Nintendo acquired a film studio during the production of this film, the announcement related to TK that really caught the attention was the September 2021 Nintendo Direct, where it was revealed its shocking cast of stars.

During your segment in that Direct, we learn that Chris Pratt is Mario, Anya Taylor-Joy is Princess Peach, Charlie Day is Luigi, Keegan-Michael Key is Toad, Seth Rogan is Donkey Kong, Fred Armisen is Cranky Kong, Kevin Michael Richardson is Kamek, Sebastian Maniscalco is Foreman Spike and Jack Black is Bowser. They all felt like weird choices at the time of the announcement, and from this trailer, we learned what Kamek, Bowser, Mario, Toad, and Luigi will sound like.

Yes ok The Super Mario Bros. Movie Originally set to come out this year, you can now expect the animated film to hit theaters on April 7, 2023 in the United States and April 28, 2023 in Japan.

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