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Bowser must pay a millionaire fine for hacking Nintendo consoles | Digital Trends Spanish

A man surnamed Bowser will have to pay $ 10 million to Nintendo in a piracy lawsuit. But this is not the classic Mario game villain or Doug Bowser, the president of Nintendo of America, but Gary Bowser, a Canadian hacker.

Bowser pleaded guilty to the crime of piracy, as he was selling chip-modified consoles on which pirated copies of video games could be used. The 51-year-old hacker worked in conjunction with the so-called Team Xecuter, a group dedicated to creating chips for consoles and, according to the lawsuit, has been wanted by Nintendo since 2013.

In accordance with Eurogamer, Gary Bowser pleaded guilty to “developing, producing, promoting and selling a wide variety of devices that allowed users of the plaintiff company to play pirated versions of copyrighted video games.” Due to the above, the court ordered him to pay $ 4.5 million dollars, in addition to the fact that he could spend up to 10 years in jail.

The job Bowser was recently related to the Nintendo Switch, but in the past he was also dedicated to modifying the Nintendo 3DS. Team Xecuter even created chips for the original Xbox, released in 2001.

For its part, the FBI issued arrest warrants for two other people besides Gary Bowser: the French Max Louarn and the Chinese Yuanning Chen, who is still at large. Bowser was arrested in the Dominican Republic and extradited to the United States, while Louarn was apprehended in Canada (he is expected to be extradited as well).

The fine Bowser agreed to pay could suggest that the business of selling modified consoles turned out to be quite lucrative.

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