Monday, February 26

Bracelet promises sensory experiences in the metaverse | Digital Trends Spanish

A seemingly simple bracelet could hold the key to experiencing physical sensations like pain in the metaverse. The haptic device was developed by the Japanese company H2L Technologies and promises to revolutionize virtual and augmented reality.

Backed by Sony, the firm ensures its UnlimitedHand product can also transmit the sensation of weight and resistance through 14 sensors that deliver electrical stimuli to the skin. With or without an augmented reality viewer (glasses), the bracelet can recreate multiple experiences.

With the bracelet, a user can transmit movements of his hand and arm to a robotic structure, play wind and string instruments, navigate through a television interface, climb a rocky massif or paddle aboard a kayak, among other diverse Applications.

The CEO of H2L, Emi Tamakicommented to Financial Times that innovation “allows us to turn the metaverse into a real world, with a greater sense of presence and immersion.”

Thinking about the decade that begins in 2030, the objective of the co-founder of the company, an academic at the University of the Ryukyus and a doctor in Interdisciplinary Studies of Information, is to “liberate humans from any type of restriction in terms of space, body and time.

After suffering from a congenital heart disease in her teens that brought her to the brink of death, Tamaki made it her goal to “travel anywhere, anytime” through technology, even without minimal physical attributes.

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