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Brave browser launches wallet to operate on Ethereum and Solana

Brave, the browser focused on user privacy, has announced the launch of Brave Wallet, a new digital wallet that will allow its users to interconnect with the world of cryptocurrencies. Your goal is to compete with MetaMask and Phantom, which are currently the leading wallets to connect with the crypto world of Ethereum and Solana. The important thing about Brave Wallet is that it is integrated directly into the browser. This means that users do not need web extensions to connect to DApps within these blockchains. Brave currently has more than 42 million active users worldwide.

Through Brave Wallet, users of this browser will be able to store and manage cryptocurrencies and interact with decentralized applications (DApps). Brave Wallet will also offer support for NFT and will integrate new tools and functionalities to continue bringing the crypto world closer to its millions of users.

Brave Wallet offers support for decentralized applications compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and, soon, for applications developed on the Solana blockchain. Last week, Brave developers reported that they will integrate support into their browser for the most scalable chain in the industry, with the idea of ​​enabling access to their growing decentralized ecosystem. Thus, in 2022, Brave Wallet will enable support for Solana.

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With the launch of this digital wallet, Brave developers are strengthening their commitment to the development and adoption of the crypto industry. Brave, which has been focused on privacy and transparency since its inception, wants to become the reference solution in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Brave Wallet, native to the browser

Through Brave Wallet, Brave enters to compete directly with wallets such as MetaMask and Phantom, which are currently the leading wallets to connect with the crypto world of Ethereum and Solana. What is significant about Brave Wallet is that being integrated directly into the browser, users do not need web extensions to connect with DApps within these blockchains.

Brave announced that its new digital wallet is currently only available for computers. And that will soon launch a version for mobile phones. Brave Wallet allows users to store, manage, exchange and bet various cryptocurrencies from one place, as well as facilitating connection and interaction with DApps and the Web3.

Direct competition with MetaMask

Being a native wallet in the browser, Brave wants to offer its users the highest possible level of security for their cryptocurrencies. In their statement, the developers explain that browser extensions, such as MetaMask, are susceptible to phishing and asset theft.

Brave, the blockchain browser that sends advertising money to the owner of the web

Brave Wallet users will be able to access live cryptocurrency prices and charts, as well as send, receive and store value in crypto and fiat. Send, receive and manage NFTs. Connect with hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger, interact with EVM compatible DApps like Ethereum, Polygon and Avalanche, among others. And, soon, they will be able to interact with Solana DApps, among many other things.

More than 220 million cryptocurrency users

Brave developers point out that the growing adoption of cryptocurrencies in the world is one of the main motivations for developing Brave Wallet. In the past year, the number of crypto-asset users around the world doubled, from about 100 million users earlier this year to more than 220 million today. Likewise, Brave points out that about 13% of Americans are currently using cryptocurrencies, which makes it essential to develop a wallet that allows them to perform various functions, all from one place.

With Brave Wallet, its developers want to offer a comprehensive solution, from where their users can store and manage cryptocurrencies, in addition to connecting with decentralized applications and protocols in the chain. The idea of ​​Brave is to facilitate access to cryptocurrencies and bring its potential to millions of people around the world.

Brave browser tokens can be used to pay on Amazon, Uber or Apple

“All these users need a wallet to store their cryptocurrencies”, the developers reported in their statement. “Brave Wallet is a self-custodial wallet that is integrated into the leading secure Web3 browser, Brave.”.

BAT, the token with which Brave users are rewarded, has grown by close to 3% in the last few hours. Currently, it trades above the $1,1 USD, ranking among the 100 most important cryptocurrencies in the industry by capitalization.

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